I am pleased to offer the service of McTimoney Chiropractic in Cornwall, which is well known for being a precise, gentle and whole body approach to chiropractic care.  

Jan 2019 "I first went to see Sadie about a back problem that just would not clear up, At first I was very sceptical about going and did not fancy my body being cracked and tied up in knots. After a thorough  consultation Sadie began the treatment which was very gentle and no tying me up in knots.

I was really surprised how effective my first treatment was in relieving a bruise like feeling on my spine which I had for over two months. I had another five treatments to get my back free of persistent aches and pains and now I go and see Sadie about every three months to keep me ache free".

How I Work


I have worked as a qualified Chiropractor for 15 years, as I graduated in 2005.  I enjoy helping people and not just reducing pain, but seeing the improvements in their lives afterwards. Maybe that's being able to get back to work, to walk further, to do a hobby that is on hold or just being able to enjoy life again.  It's best to have a course of treatment, for example 4 sessions over 4 weeks then review how it is going.  However, I like patients to make their own decisions.  I encourage maintenance treatment, just as you would service a car!  This can help the body function correctly and prevent flare ups later on, but again this is patient choice. 

Can Chiropractic Help You? 

Patients undergoing chiropractic care often report benefits from:

  •  Migraines and headaches arising from the neck (cervicogenic)

  •  Back pain

  •  Muscular spasms

  •  Shoulder complaints

  •  Minor Sports injuries and tensions

  •  Joint pain / generalised aches and pains

  •  Sciatica

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The clinic is open, as this is classed as a medical appointment.


Patients explain the benefits  

Newquay Therapy Centre​

Chester Rd Shops (behind the laundrette)  

The treatment room provides a relaxing and professional environment

Newquay Therapy Centre

3a-5a Chester Court

Chester Road


TR7 2SB 

Tel: 07980 317039

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